Smooth Roads

Smooth roads never make good drivers! Smooth sea never makes good sailors! Clear Skies never make good pilots! Problem free life never makes a strong & good person! Be strong enough to accept the challengers of life. Don’t ask Life “Why me?” Instead say “Try Me!”

Limit For you

Ur sky is as much as u’d want to reach, ur life is as lonely as u’d like to make; Ur joy is as much as u decide to feel, ur nite is as long as you decide to wake. No one sets the limit for u, no one can etch the span of the…

Respect Girls

Why girls get married n go 2 a strangers home? Cause they are blessed angles of the Almighty, After filling their own home with color of Happiness, They go away 2 color others home, realize the values of gals n respect them

Its Winter

Taking sips of coffee Lying in cozy bed with Blanket around Reading novel or Watching movie Long gossips with Friends ! Rain with soft music Long walk on Sea shore at night With a cup of tea In hand All u can enjoy cause It’s winter again !!